[A rare cause of obstructive jaundice: fascioliasis].


A 56 year old woman was admitted to the clinic with severe colicky right upper abdominal pain. There was a three-week history of jaundice. Pathological biochemical laboratory results of her serum were as follows: direct bilirubin 4.53 mg/dl, total bilirubin 3.08 mg/dl, AST 45 U/L, ALT 72 U/L. Surgical treatment, cholecystectomy + choledochtomy + T-tube drainage, was performed. Exploration of the choledochus revealed two Fasciola hepatica. The patient was also given antihelmintic treatment. We present a case of fascioliasis-induced acute cholangitis that was diagnosed and treated via surgery. A review of the literature on extraction of living parasites is also included.


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