Results of simple excision technique in the surgical treatment of symptomatic accessory navicular bones.


INTRODUCTION Accessory navicular bones might cause not only cosmetic problems but also be a reason of discomfort and pain. In case of inefficient conservative treatment symptomatic accessory naviculars are treated surgically. AIM OF PAPER Presentation of results of simple excision of symptomatic accessory navicular. MATERIAL AND METHODS Material consists of 22 patients (34 feet), 17 women and 5 men, treated surgically between 1992 and 2006. Mean age at surgery was 14.1 years (9-22 years). Accessory navicular type I was present in 5 feet (14.7%), type II in 17 (50%) and type III-in 12 (35.3%). Main symptom was localized pain on the medial arch of the foot, in the height of navicular bone. Surgery consisted of simple accessory navicular excision and if needed partial resection of navicular bone. The mean follow-up period was 5.6 years (1-13 years). We analyzed: intensity of pain (VAS score system), daily and sport activity. Subjective results were analyzed using a questionnaire. RESULTS The questionnaire was returned from 21 patients: 9 patients had total pain relief, 11 considerable and one patient had persistent pain. Mean VAS results before surgery was 5.9 and 1.7 after surgery. Only one patient required analgesics occasionally. Complications were present in two patients (6.1%). All active patients returned to their sport activities. CONCLUSION Surgical treatment of symptomatic accessory navicular by simple excision technique gives satisfying results, surgery is minimally traumatic and risk of complications low.


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